Who is Sapwood and Soot?

We are a husband and wife team based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and we create personalized Family Tree prints and hand-pressed tree ring prints.

What is a personalized Family Tree print? 
Personalized Family Tree prints contain a tree ring print, and names and birth years of your family members. Trees grow in rings, with the oldest ring in the centre and younger rings on the outside. We are able to count the rings to tell the age of the tree. All of our personalized tree designs started as a tree cookie, and were made into a hand-pressed print. Once we got a perfect hand-pressed print, we digitized it. The digitizing process can take several pain-staking hours (50+). Once each ring is digitized, we are able to select specific years (such as your family member's birth years) and assign a different colour for each of your family members. The colour of the font for your family members and their birth years will match the colours of the growth rings of the corresponding years.

What is a hand-pressed print?
Each of our hand-pressed prints is created using a piece of actual wood that has been salvaged, high quality watercolour paper created following sustainable forest management standards, and professional-grade print-making ink. We distress the pieces of wood so their growth rings become more exposed, and we then spread ink onto the wood and hand-press a piece of paper on top. Each hand-pressed print is unique!

Where did we get the idea?
The idea for Sapwood + Soot came to us as we were spit-balling things to do during the pandemic when one of us had been laid-off and the other was also not working. We had acquired a very large pile of fire wood and wanted to make prints of the tree rings as wall art for our home. We started thinking of ideas on how to personalize the prints to give them more meaning, and the idea for Family Tree prints was born! After several rough manual and digital drafts, we arrived at our current product. We hope that Sapwood + Soot can help you create unique wall art that becomes a talking piece, or a piece that holds meaning to you!
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